Shredding the POW POW in Aspen

As most of you know from my  IG (@foxdenblog), Mr. Fox and I recently went to Aspen, CO on vacation.  My husband has been skiing there for nearly 20 years.  I have been once before a couple of years ago. We both love it. The skiing is great with 4 mountains of varying levels within 20 mins of each other to choose from. The public transportation around to the slopes is efficient and easy. The mood of the town is very laid-back and relaxed, but at the same time Aspen offers top of the line shopping, accommodations, and food. It's really everything you could want.  There is also a direct flight from Atlanta, which makes it a no brainer choice for me. I hate wasting time in airports when I could be at my destination. Plus, winter weather can wreak havoc on your flights.  It's better if you don't have to worry about connections. 

Our weather was perfection. Mid 30's with lots of sunshine. It was actually colder in Alabama during our tip than in Colorado. I didn't hate missing that! Cold is great if there is snow! 


We stayed at a hotel called Limelight. I would highly recommend it! The location is centrally located to shops, dining, and Aspen mountain. The staff was eager to help us, they would take us in the hotel car anywhere (including different slopes to ski), and they will hold your ski equipment.  They basically shuttled us anywhere we wanted to go! Limelight has a great bar scene for Apres Ski or to grab a late afternoon pizza. {Or in Mr. Fox's case, grab a drink while you wait on your wife.} Our room was spacious and had a fireplace. This was the view from our balcony.  not bad at all.   


I give the Limelight a 10/10 for accommodations. 


We went snowmobiling on our first day.  I am obsessed.  Our hotel arranged for us to go at the T-Lazy-7 Ranch.  This was my favorite part of our trip. We were able to see the Maroon Bells and ride through the White River National Forest plus other stunning views that you can only see from their ranch. If you're going to Aspen,  I could not recommend this more!

The Maroon Bells

The Maroon Bells


Of course I wanted to drive AND have my OWN snowmobile.  

Our guide happened to be from Montgomery. Small world. 

Our guide happened to be from Montgomery. Small world. 


The only thing slowing me down on our tour was the chick who had a fresh pair of boobs. Come on! Of course the bouncing hurts! meh. thankfully, she turned around and went back to the ranch. That may be her there in the background. ha. 



Our first lunch stop is always Ajax. Great spot at the base of Aspen (or Ajax) mountain.  The truffle fries are a must. You can sit and watch all the skiers/ snowboarders come down the mountain and marvel at how they all manage to stop before colliding with concrete and diners. If you've been, you know how small the landing area is. gives me anxiety. 


Then it was off to the slopes! 

We skied Aspen the first day and I had a few spills. One near death experience. I have only skied twice in my adult life- this trip being my second. Although I love Mr.F for believing in my athletic ability to shred pow with the most elite, I could've done without my life flashing before my eyes with in my first 20 minutes.  It was all caught on the GoPro. The video is just so laced with profanity that I'm not sure it should be viewed by the public. :)  But, I figured it out, stayed as far away from that scary cliff as I could, and I had a BLAST! 


I would arrange photo-ops whenever I needed a break.   For sure, it was the longest Mr.Fox has ever spent trying to ski down a mountain.  


The second day we skied Aspen Highlands, which is about a 5min car ride from Limelight.  I like Aspen Highlands bc the slopes are much wider and I get crowd anxiety. I like a lot of room to correct myself when I start skiing too fast.


But, the best part about Aspen Highlands is Cloud Nine Bistro at the top.  That place is awesome. The views are incredible and the food is fantastic.

{insider tip: the 2:00 seating is when things get wild.}



At the base of Aspen Highlands there is a Ritz with and incredible slope side heated pool. 

Then there is Snowmass and Buttermilk. We didn't go there this trip.


The food in Aspen is mouth-watering delicious. 


The first picture is of a friend chicken sandwich from The White House, which was so great that we went to eat there twice. It was phenomenal. Thank my lucky starts I don't have that as an option to eat everyday. Hello. calories.  Ajax and Cloud Nine are places you must try.  

The most adventurous meal came from Nobu or Matsuhisa.  I will pretty much try anything.  We ordered Uni (Sea Urchin) along with some other fabulous sushi. The texture of the Uni was bizarre, but the flavor was sort of sweet. 


Then we ordered the most epic of all snow cones. 


This mountain of heaven was fluffy shaved iced over a scoop of vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit topped with mango and strawberry purree. And if that's not tasty enough, it's drizzled with condensed milk! holy yum. I'm gonna need bigger sweaters.  They used a shaved ice machine that made the ice so incredibly fine and fluffy. This is what they use in their kitchen. Get you one. :) Let me know when you do. I'm coming over. 


If you are looking for something a little different than the spots I mentioned, I did see an ad for this in Aspen's dining guide magazine. 


The world's changing, I tell ya. People are eating cactus. 

There are a lot of trendy bars and night-scene hot spots, but I don't really care about going to nightclubs these days. Plus, my whole body hurt.


For the fashionistas and snow bunnies, here are some of the things I wore.

My coat was by far one of my best purchases for the trip. Down coats can be bulky, this one provides all the warmth, but without the massive Michelin man look. The belt helps keep the shape flattering. I also love the color and that oversized shawl hood.  I made the mistake last time we went skiing of wearing a bazillion layers to go out at night. It was fine when we were walking, then I would be sweating bullets the second we entered a building. This year I wore normal winter clothes under my down jacket and I was perfect inside and out. 

Add Down Coat - Similar here 


I love this color block fur infinity scarf by Jocelyn.(worn above) A perfect trio of neutrals. 

My tall wedge boots were fine walking the streets at night. I just made sure to take a pair with a rubber sole. 

I also wore these Sorel boots and I love them! Sorel nails it with their winter footwear.  These are super warm and water proof. They run slightly small. I usually wear a 6.5 and the 7 was perfect. 

Sorel Tofina Organza Boot 


Sorel has so many great styles right now. I love these for a slip-on option. 

Glacy Slip On

My grandmother's fur from Henig Furs was perfect.  

I hate telling you bad news, but this awesome leopard scarf is no longer on Zara's website. Possibly still in stores?? fingers crossed. Things are always selling out before I have time to blog about them. Bummer.  It's too good not to share.


My black ski jacket is one I purchased a couple of years ago from The North Face. This year I purchased these soft shell white pants and loved them! The short inseam fit me (5'2) perfectly. I highly recommend them.  They have a flattering, not so bulky fit that is hard to come by in ski pants.  Bonus, they're only $160. 


This Smart Wool long underwear pants and top were perfect. Light-weight and warm. 

That about wraps it up!

Are you headed for snow bunny adventures this winter? Where is your favorite place to ski?


Xo, e

There will be jellies.

Starting to decorate for Christmas.  We picked out our tree.  I finally put halloween in the attic and Christmas cards are starting to arrive.  But, this is my first time decking the halls with a toddler. It might take me the whole month to get it all done.  We had a melt down over these tiny bottle bush trees.  Life is hard when you are told you can't whack the dog with the holiday decor. 


Potted Christmas trees replace the ferns. 


I ate my weight in casseroles, soufflés, and turkey over Thanksgiving.  Made three dishes this year in efforts to learn my mom's traditional dishes. They were pretty good, if I do say so myself! I'm working on perfecting my mushroom soufflé to share the recipe with y'all.  The flavor was mouth.watering.delicous. but it came out a little soupy.  I secretly didn't want my efforts to be too unforgettable because I don't want any body (Im talking to you mom) getting crazy ideas about me taking over  as head Thanksgiving chef.   Stay tuned.  


After a full day of fun, food, and cousins, we headed to the beach.  Happy and Pepper tagged along. 


Couldn't get enough of Huddy in his peeking bambi sweater and sweater leggings.  

*update: 30% off all orders over $200 + free shipping at Oeuf right now* 


This is my favorite bottled marinade/dipping sauce for pork tenderloin.  You should try it.   The steam bag quinoa and spinach isn't half bad either. 


Our beach house interiors have been slow to come together, but soon enough we will be surrounded by beauties like these.  Can't wait.  


This would look so great paired with brown boots and denim. 

Prairie Check Coat = $89

I'm starting to gravitate towards any clothing that looks like a giant blanket.   Saw this in a store and it's divine. Can take you from daytime chic to couch. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 11.22.29 PM.png


My memory is terrible.  I take a zillion pictures so that I always remember where I've been and what I've done.  Many times, my pictures remind me of exactly how I was feeling in the moment.  I love revisiting my travel adventures the most.  I'm happiest when I'm out seeing the world.  I started to keep a travel journal, but that got tedious.  

So, what was I doing in November of 2011?? Glad you asked! Let's take a peek inside my travel diary, picture book style.  

I was driving the PCH 1 with Mr. Fox and feeling like this...

Edge of the country excitement right there!

We stayed here (Post Ranch Inn)

So we could watch the sunset from here

But one could also sleep here

and still be able to eat breakfast here

then go for a mid day swim here

or an afternoon hike here

make sure to look out for this guy

Then you could drive a little further and enjoy a delicious meal at Nepenthe. 

until you are comatose like this

No time to sleep though because exciting adventures are just up the road!

There will be seals

There will be jellies

You'll see copper bars

Beauty every where you look

When your husband could care less about golf, you only have to eat lunch here 

then you get to move on to more exciting things like RODENTS and BIRDS.  oh joy.

say hello to my little friends

If you love me, you'll feed it in your lap.

He loves me. 

Awesomely terrified. Gimme dat peanut. 

I can't for the life of me remember why in the hells bells I picked that giant sperm thing up and started whipping it around. what is that?!!!

Hope your Thanksgiving was divine.

Go whip some thing strange, around yo head. (said in Ghost Busters Theme song style)

Xo, e

Quick Picks - Scarves and Hats

I love to accessorize with scarves and hats. That's no secret. This season plaid is a huge trend, but the classic red, green, and blue hues can leave me feeling a little too much like a lumberjack.  Although, sexy lumberjack does have it's appeal, am I right?

If you want to leave the sexy lumberjack look for the fellas...

Here are my quick picks for a softer look. 

Soft Double Layered Scarf - $39.90

I love the subtle blush tones in this neutral scarf.  Plaid Blanket Scarf - $128