Foxy Hair Care

Beauty Product Review

My first beauty product review will be for The Wet Brush pro Select Paddle Brush and for the Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000.  Both have been great additions to my hair care routine.

First let me say that I have thick, often dry hair that is wavy to curly in the back and mostly  straight in the front.  Quite the combination!  

The Wet Brush is a MUST have for anyone who has a hard time brushing through their hair because of tangles and/or a tender head. Luckily, I do not have a tender head, but I do struggle with tangles. No more tears or knots with this brush! The one negative I have is that when my hair is dry it is really too thick for The Wet Brush to properly brush through. So, I have reserved it for fresh out of shower brushing and leave the styling up to other tools. 

The Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 is AMAZING. Not only does it come in the most fantastic mint green color, it is HANDS DOWN the best dryer I've ever owned.  Why do I love it so??!  It has a small, compact design that doesn't leave you with arm cramps after using. It has cut my drying time for my thick hair in half from about 15 minutes (Using the T3 Featherweight) to about 6 minutes. That alone is HUGE!  In addition, it minimizes frizz like all dryers have promised me, but I've yet to see one deliver. Harry Josh delivers and I thank him! The frizz fighting is so good that I no longer have to follow my blow dry with using a straightening iron. With a little one at my feet, streamlined beauty routines are essential. This blow dryer cuts my dry time in half  AND eliminates a whole follow up step.  Pure Genius.  Bonus: It claims to be the most energy efficient.  HOORAY!