Game Day Fashion + other

This weekend my pledge sisters and I are doing our annual reunion tailgate.  We had a group of 12 girlfriends that were really close throughout college. Several years ago we decided to do an annual tailgate reunion as a way to keep up with each other.  We had to come up with a name for our tent, and  "Twelvegate" was born.  I look forward to it every year!  

I love Auburn football, and I've been lucky enough to have been in the stadium for what will probably be some of the most infamous games in Auburn history.  Nothing quite like pulling out miraculous victories!! 

When it comes to game day fashion I am all over the map. For most events I dress in whatever I am feeling the best in at that moment. Game day is no exception.  

In the past,

I've gone with a casual blue jean look {Au vs Ole Miss 2011}, and this silk Tucker maxi dress {2011} 


Last year I wore this neoprene Clover Canyon dress. I still love that dress. 

And for one of those times where I look back and laugh at my outfit, there's this little mini skirt, turtleneck, heinous wrestling belt number..... my interview at Hooters was later in the day. (jokes.) No seriously, the belt is to support my back back from the weight of my top half. 

This year I am going to be rocking' an orange and blue tiger print jumper, knee high boots, and my navy fringe jacket. Theme dressing in the best way!



Top Shop fringe jacket //Parker romper// Michael Michael Kors boots purchased last year. Similar ones here  

Every year we have cups made for our tailgate. Auburn University is asking everyone to wear orange for the game against LSU. In honor of THE BEST SHOW EVER, and our school's wardrobe color suggestion, K made these bomb cups. 

Speaking of Parker Rompers, I ordered this one from and it is fantastic. Unfortunately, it's too small in the bust. damn boobs again.  Parker's beaded clothing is simply the best. 


Now that it's October, Alabama might actually get some sweater weather. 

I ordered from for the first time. Really loving some of the sweaters I purchased. There are dozens of things on their website that I love. If you've never checked Zara out you should. Reasonably priced and free shipping and returns. These are just a few of the things I'm obsessing over.

I couldn't resist this oversized beauty in my favorite color.  

( Clutch - Prada, Glitter pumps - Louboutin, Pants - Minnie Pant from J. Crew )

{yes, I am taking  outfit selfies in my bedroom. the air conditioning won over scenery today. whatevs. focus on the sweater!}

I love the back detail.

I adore this pastel color block sweater. So beautiful with mint, blush, and cream.  It has a relaxed fit. Cant wait to wear this one.  

 Color block sweater - $79


This is fabulously cozy.

Intarsia Poncho Cardigan - $79


Totally loving my moth scarf. I love bugs. Purchased from Anthropologie.

 (fox pendant is Carmen Diaz Jewelry)


I have worn these practically every day for two weeks. Steven by Steve Madden Wonderr espadrilles  - $66.99


This pork recipe is a winner. A favorite among my Twelvegate girlfriends.  The pan sauce will make you want to lick the pan. Easy to cook. Delicious. 


Cookware a little lacking at the beach house. Thanks to whomever bought this bread dish, and left it at the house. :)


I hit the lottery when it comes to parents.  Two of the most loving people you will ever meet. I hope Hudson will one day think of Mr. Fox and me the way I think of my parents.  My mom and dad celebrated their 42nd anniversary on September 23.  My dad makes my mom breakfast every morning. That could be the key to their long marriage.  And the fact that he likes to buy her jewelry.  It's probably the jewels not the toast. #winwin



My parents met at Auburn. My mom loves to tell the story on how she accidentally stood my dad up on their first date. He was to pick her up at her dorm early in the morning. She over slept. No cell phones, no way in the dorm, dad was out of luck!  When it comes to my love of sleeping, I get it from my momma!  

This photo was taken at my mom's graduation from Auburn. 

Loving Auburn is a family tradition.

For a little more random, this basket makes me laugh. I love to decorate for Halloween. I started pulling my things out this week.

I miss the beach the second I leave. 

We celebrate our fifth anniversary this month. 

Girl talk with a view.

I absolutely love it when I see people in their Fox Den style purchases! How great does D look in her  white poncho and B in her fab booties?!! LOOKING GOOD LADIES! 

{That's B'sFantastic house all decorated for W's baby shower.}

Huddy is currently in to all things truck.  I got him a plastic tool set, and immediately regretted showing him how to use a hammer. 

That's a whole lotta random for one post! Go to Zara and order some sweaters, cook some pork, and WAR EAGLE!!

Xo, e