There will be jellies.

Starting to decorate for Christmas.  We picked out our tree.  I finally put halloween in the attic and Christmas cards are starting to arrive.  But, this is my first time decking the halls with a toddler. It might take me the whole month to get it all done.  We had a melt down over these tiny bottle bush trees.  Life is hard when you are told you can't whack the dog with the holiday decor. 


Potted Christmas trees replace the ferns. 


I ate my weight in casseroles, soufflés, and turkey over Thanksgiving.  Made three dishes this year in efforts to learn my mom's traditional dishes. They were pretty good, if I do say so myself! I'm working on perfecting my mushroom soufflé to share the recipe with y'all.  The flavor was mouth.watering.delicous. but it came out a little soupy.  I secretly didn't want my efforts to be too unforgettable because I don't want any body (Im talking to you mom) getting crazy ideas about me taking over  as head Thanksgiving chef.   Stay tuned.  


After a full day of fun, food, and cousins, we headed to the beach.  Happy and Pepper tagged along. 


Couldn't get enough of Huddy in his peeking bambi sweater and sweater leggings.  

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This is my favorite bottled marinade/dipping sauce for pork tenderloin.  You should try it.   The steam bag quinoa and spinach isn't half bad either. 


Our beach house interiors have been slow to come together, but soon enough we will be surrounded by beauties like these.  Can't wait.  


This would look so great paired with brown boots and denim. 

Prairie Check Coat = $89

I'm starting to gravitate towards any clothing that looks like a giant blanket.   Saw this in a store and it's divine. Can take you from daytime chic to couch. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 11.22.29 PM.png


My memory is terrible.  I take a zillion pictures so that I always remember where I've been and what I've done.  Many times, my pictures remind me of exactly how I was feeling in the moment.  I love revisiting my travel adventures the most.  I'm happiest when I'm out seeing the world.  I started to keep a travel journal, but that got tedious.  

So, what was I doing in November of 2011?? Glad you asked! Let's take a peek inside my travel diary, picture book style.  

I was driving the PCH 1 with Mr. Fox and feeling like this...

Edge of the country excitement right there!

We stayed here (Post Ranch Inn)

So we could watch the sunset from here

But one could also sleep here

and still be able to eat breakfast here

then go for a mid day swim here

or an afternoon hike here

make sure to look out for this guy

Then you could drive a little further and enjoy a delicious meal at Nepenthe. 

until you are comatose like this

No time to sleep though because exciting adventures are just up the road!

There will be seals

There will be jellies

You'll see copper bars

Beauty every where you look

When your husband could care less about golf, you only have to eat lunch here 

then you get to move on to more exciting things like RODENTS and BIRDS.  oh joy.

say hello to my little friends

If you love me, you'll feed it in your lap.

He loves me. 

Awesomely terrified. Gimme dat peanut. 

I can't for the life of me remember why in the hells bells I picked that giant sperm thing up and started whipping it around. what is that?!!!

Hope your Thanksgiving was divine.

Go whip some thing strange, around yo head. (said in Ghost Busters Theme song style)

Xo, e

Date weekend: Atlanta

Mr. Fox and I love to entertain and we usually use our weekends without Mr. Hudson to do just that.  Date nights are few these days.  Date weekends, the rarest of all,  are SO GOOD.  No responsibilities, no pressure to get ready in under 10 minutes, no one trying to ruin your house/kill themselves while you're getting ready, uninterrupted conversation with your spouse, uninterrupted dinner with your spouse, flirting with your husband in a crowded bar. . . nothing I treasure more these days. Thank the Lord for grandparents who took on a sick baby and gave us a weekend away. It was a blast!  It felt like our newlywed days when we would head to Atlanta on a whim and explore a new restaurant, or new shop, or just enjoy a mini getaway.  

Here's a little about what we did, where we ate, and what I wore. 

Friday night we went to one of Ford Fry's relatively new restaurants, King + Duke. It was delicious. I loved the interiors. My favorite interior detail was these huge drum pendants that had tiny twinkling LED lights that seemed to be in the shape of different constellations. It was the coolest. I asked our waiter about them, but he had never even noticed it before! Maybe someone reading this knows more about those. I'd love to hear about them! 


The drinks were fantastic. Mr. Fox had an Old Ironsides and I had my favorite, a Moscow Mule. 

My favorite dish of those we tried was the Maine Crab Salad. It was perfection. Light, citrusy, sweet crab that I could have eaten two more platefuls. It's a must try. 

This is what I wore:


Silk top by Annie Griffin Collection purchased from Painted Pink //  White jeans are Paige Denim in 'Skyline Ankle' // Necklace J.Crew


My friend recommended Taqueria del Sol for lunch. It was the perfect shopping break lunch spot! The fried chicken tacos were hands down my favorite. Their salsa was delicious! The green tomatillo salsa was my top pick. Will definitely be heading back to this spot next time we are in ATL. 

Those are just a couple of the spots we tried in Atlanta this past weeked. I'm already ready to go back! Hope your weekend was fabulously recharging!

Xo, e