There will be jellies.

Starting to decorate for Christmas.  We picked out our tree.  I finally put halloween in the attic and Christmas cards are starting to arrive.  But, this is my first time decking the halls with a toddler. It might take me the whole month to get it all done.  We had a melt down over these tiny bottle bush trees.  Life is hard when you are told you can't whack the dog with the holiday decor. 


Potted Christmas trees replace the ferns. 


I ate my weight in casseroles, soufflés, and turkey over Thanksgiving.  Made three dishes this year in efforts to learn my mom's traditional dishes. They were pretty good, if I do say so myself! I'm working on perfecting my mushroom soufflé to share the recipe with y'all.  The flavor was mouth.watering.delicous. but it came out a little soupy.  I secretly didn't want my efforts to be too unforgettable because I don't want any body (Im talking to you mom) getting crazy ideas about me taking over  as head Thanksgiving chef.   Stay tuned.  


After a full day of fun, food, and cousins, we headed to the beach.  Happy and Pepper tagged along. 


Couldn't get enough of Huddy in his peeking bambi sweater and sweater leggings.  

*update: 30% off all orders over $200 + free shipping at Oeuf right now* 


This is my favorite bottled marinade/dipping sauce for pork tenderloin.  You should try it.   The steam bag quinoa and spinach isn't half bad either. 


Our beach house interiors have been slow to come together, but soon enough we will be surrounded by beauties like these.  Can't wait.  


This would look so great paired with brown boots and denim. 

Prairie Check Coat = $89

I'm starting to gravitate towards any clothing that looks like a giant blanket.   Saw this in a store and it's divine. Can take you from daytime chic to couch. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 11.22.29 PM.png


My memory is terrible.  I take a zillion pictures so that I always remember where I've been and what I've done.  Many times, my pictures remind me of exactly how I was feeling in the moment.  I love revisiting my travel adventures the most.  I'm happiest when I'm out seeing the world.  I started to keep a travel journal, but that got tedious.  

So, what was I doing in November of 2011?? Glad you asked! Let's take a peek inside my travel diary, picture book style.  

I was driving the PCH 1 with Mr. Fox and feeling like this...

Edge of the country excitement right there!

We stayed here (Post Ranch Inn)

So we could watch the sunset from here

But one could also sleep here

and still be able to eat breakfast here

then go for a mid day swim here

or an afternoon hike here

make sure to look out for this guy

Then you could drive a little further and enjoy a delicious meal at Nepenthe. 

until you are comatose like this

No time to sleep though because exciting adventures are just up the road!

There will be seals

There will be jellies

You'll see copper bars

Beauty every where you look

When your husband could care less about golf, you only have to eat lunch here 

then you get to move on to more exciting things like RODENTS and BIRDS.  oh joy.

say hello to my little friends

If you love me, you'll feed it in your lap.

He loves me. 

Awesomely terrified. Gimme dat peanut. 

I can't for the life of me remember why in the hells bells I picked that giant sperm thing up and started whipping it around. what is that?!!!

Hope your Thanksgiving was divine.

Go whip some thing strange, around yo head. (said in Ghost Busters Theme song style)

Xo, e

What I'm Wearing


Did you know that no penguins live at the North Pole?? I feel like it's super confusing to always see Santa and Rudolph pictured with penguins. Maybe they were vacationing at the South Pole?  Maybe penguins get presents from Santa too? Maybe I'm the only one that's thought about this? Probably the latter.

I love an animal sweater.  

Penguin Sweater from Target is a winner. Bought it in a large so it would be roomy. 


Chinese Laundry Bootie

{Huddy sweater by E-Land}



J. Crew is having 30% select winter style right now and many items on sale just so happen to be things I have been wearing constantly.  Use discount SHOPNOW

I love the Majesty Peacoat. It fits me perfectly, it is great quality that will last more than one season, and it is toasty. I love a coat that looks slim, but really does it's job and keeps you warm. I have several colors. Navy and bone are the colors I wear the most, but I adore this turquoise one.

Bone color is extra on sale at $194.60. Great Deal for a coat you will have many seasons. 


{ASOS felt halt on sale $31.27}

My peacoat in action with my gorgeous Goddaughter.  


The pink High-Low  Crewneck Sweater is on sale for a steal at $48.65!! 

{I'm wearing the color Heather Sorbet.  Much brighter in person.}


 Not included in the current sale, but so good that you should buy it anyway, is the Turner Pant. This pant looks great on every body type. 

The Turner Pant is so versatile, universally flattering, and can work with many looks.  My friend, K, models her favorite looks below.  


// Plaid shirt // Snood // Rag and Bone Harrow Booties- knock off here // Schoolboy Blazer // Gigi New York Hayden Satchel // Clover Canyon Blazer Similar Here //


Work, Casual, Cozy, Holiday Party...

this pant can really take you anywhere. 


Sequin top old. Similar here // Jeffery Campbell Foxtrot sandal similar here // Sundry "Always Late" tee // Van's Metallic Slip ons in Bronze // Clare V fold over Clutch // 

Thank you K for all your fabulous styling!

The Turner pant seems to run a little large so you might want to consider sizing down.

Here are two ways I've worn the Turner Pant recently.  


The cream, V-neck  Cashmere sweater I'm wearing above is also on sale right now for $131. 

I love the longer length of this sweater. They have changed the cut of this many times over the years. For me, it fits semi-tight through the arms and loose on the hips. 

It's a perfect basic and I purchase a few every season when they go on sale. 

Another J. Crew favorite  V-neck Cashmere sweater is included in sale

 Cashmere Boyfriend V-neck Sweater - $173.60 

{neon orange color seen below purchased last year}



 Split back sweaters are a favorite of mine. I purchased this John and Jenn by LINE "Crimson Sweater" from revolve, but it seems it has already sold out.  (Similar Here and below)


I also love the classic cut of these Citizen Emannuelle Slim bootcut jeans.  They elongate my legs and have a high enough rise to prevent any awkward love-handle action. They do tend to loosen some with wear. Might consider sizing down (I did not).



FOX DEN STYLE TIPS  *I  should note that I get almost ALL my pants hemmed.  I have had some questions about length for jeans. For reference, I am 5'2. I get all the ankle length pants hemmed to an inseam length of  27-28".   My full length pants hemmed to an inseam of 31-32".  Anthropologie does offer this jean in a petite.* 


Here are some similar sweaters to the one above:

C and C California Sweater $34.30


As predicted, this Zara sweater has become one I find myself constantly reaching for. If you haven't purchased something from my recommendations by now from Zara, then I am not sure if your fashion soul can be saved.  They are having sales starting Thanksgiving day.  Do it. :) 

{jeans are AG  Stilt Cigarette cords purchased last season}


Are all you fashionDIVAS ready for Black Friday? You better start increasing your cardio work out to prepare.  

Xo, e