Playroom: Before and After

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 I had another style post ready to go, but decided that a 'before and after' might be more fun! 

Y'all, prepare to have your mind blown.

Our home was an over two year renovation project that is still being improved. I really believe that the best, most personal interiors evolve over time;  they're constantly changing and getting better. The result is a more collected and personal interior that really feels like home

We have used Rachel Halvorson from conception to present day. I don't have time today (packing for BAHAMAS! Whoop, Whoop!) to share with you all the ways in which Rachel is one of the BEST, if not THE best interior designer I've ever come across, but I'll share some things that come to mind immediately.

Rachel is creative beyond just putting together things that look good. WAY beyond is an understatement. She's hilariously witty, beautiful, kind, artistic, and I am lucky to now call her my friend. We hired her back in 2010 from only seeing her blog and I can honestly say that she exceeded every hope and expectation by leaps and bounds. She is an interior designer that can translate a clients specific tastes and ideas, even if they differ from her personal style. That is so incredibly rare. It's easy to repeat the same pretty look in 10 different houses. Creating a personal, uniquely stylish house for each client, now that takes true interior design genius. She took the time and interest in our home and it shows. She can see potential in the grimmest circumstances. Rachel makes things happen. She figures it out. If you can imagine it, she'll make it translate into real life.  I still remember that night when I sent her a power point (yes, you read that correctly, ha) asking if she'd be interested in our project. I'm thankful she said yes  I could not love our house more. 

O.k. I said more than a few words. She's that good. I'll share more in the future when house tour posts continue.  

These pictures will show the evolution of our playroom. The end result is a happy, colorful, FUN, playroom that is uniquely ours.  The most impressive part to me is how she managed to re use our old stuff in an new, fresh way. Did I already say genius?! 

(Old computer had original house pics. Long story short is there are some pics of computer screens happening in the befores.) 

I'm going to try to show before, middle, and after shots from similar vantage points. 


Playroom design when we purchased the house.

Playroom design when we purchased the house.


Stuff from my old apartment and from our first house as a married couple. 

Stuff from my old apartment and from our first house as a married couple. 


Our playroom currently. 

Our playroom currently. 

It doesn't even seem plausible to be the same room! 

Here's another look! 


Roman shades moved to another room. Chairs, rug and coffee table given to family. Lamps used in another room. Sofa stays.


New rug, custom end tables, drapes and pillows. EVERYTHING else repurposed from our first home!

For fun - Below is a picture of the chairs and coffee table in our first house as a married couple. 


This view from the stair landing shows the same green sofa seen in above pictures. Playroom is front right room. We widened the doorway and removed the door to make it seem less like walking into a bedroom. There is a jack and jill room through the playroom and down the hall. Hudson's room can be seen down the hallway in the first 'after' picture. 


Where the green sofa sits is now a built-in. Here are some progress shots. 


Widening the doorway. Here, with the furniture gone, you can see a clear shot to Hudson's nursery, which was the previous owner's second story laundry.

Below is the view if you were standing in the room looking where the green sofa use to sit. This is the beginnings of our built-in.

Notice the wider doorway on left.

Now the opposite view. This is from standing in front of the built-in looking out the front of the house. 


This view is from standing in the jack and jill hallway looking back through the playroom and to the stair landing. 

One of my favorite things in this room is my Hermes scarf framed as art. 

As you can see, I am always switching art and accessories around.  That's half the fun! I love that things in my home look great in multiple places. It makes it so that I'm never "done."

We LOVE this space. It's just a happy room. Agreed?!

These two fluffs love it. Hope you do too!



Lamps and bull head are from Stray dog designs and were gifts from Mr. Fox // end tables custom designed by rachel halvorson // rug, pillows, and drapery available through rachel halvorson // abstract art by Mallory Page //  Botanical art by Lulie Wallace // sofa and chairs from Mr. Fox's bachelor pad


Hope you enjoyed the tour! Happy Tuesday! 

Xo, e