Friday Favorites

I  previously blogged about this top. Now on sale. Get you one. 


A classic style at a great price. Double wrap coat - $159

I've been making my own jewelry. I love it.  druzy, diamonds, wood, and horn - What's not to love?


Clare V flat clutch - piperlime $198

Great Dress and great price (also in black) Carice Dress - Piperlime $65


Hands down the best ballet flat. This pair is on sale $58.80 or check out for loads of ballet flats. I find most flats uncomfortable. I could wear these all day, every day. 


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 


Color Story: Lavender, Seafoam, Coral, and Turquoise

These are the colors of my life.  

I'm a color lover usually favoring the cool colors on the color wheel.  The colors in nature inspire me daily.  Mother Nature is a master at pairing color. What is more soothing and calming than the shades the sunset castes over the water??!  Nothing.  


unfiltered, July sunset at Inlet Beach, FL

I dress myself and my home in the colors of the beach. I never grow tired of them. 


master bath floor tile

silicone wrapped glass water bottles in Cupcake, Chip, and Dive by bkr - my favorite, environmentally friendly way to carry water on-the-go


mint penny rounds by Ann Sacks on our laundry room backsplash  (similar here) // coral collected from the beaches of Bora Bora // Waylande Gregory Vase


Joie sandals // Butter polish in Trout Pout // L Space reversible bikini

abstract art on a candle = perfection (similar here)


powder room knobs from Anthropologie - green + brass = LOVE (on sale $11.20)


another incredible sunset

Huddy loves a bathtub

we love these books

tile love


our living room

mantel flowers for a shower I hosted

tile board that makes me drool

Huddy's wing


 our family room Christmas tree last year 

indoor/outdoor catch all bag found at TJ Maxx 

I might have a color addiction. Is that a thing??! I could definitely be guilty of buying some things just because it is in my favorite shade of green. I have also been accused of "dressing like a rainbow" and decorating my house "like an Easter basket."  I mean, haters gonna hate. Ammmarighhht?! 


What are your favorite colors?? Do you dress yourself like you dress your home? Do you find yourself buying everything in the same colors?

Xo, e


Bonus: Milly and her doppelganger

Fab Five - Beauty

Beauty Basics

Here are five of my beauty basics that I could not do without. Most of these products have been consistently my go-to's for several years. 

1. They're Real mascara by Benefit - $23

Hands down the best mascara I've ever tried. Doesn't easily run, easy to remove, and makes my lashes look naturally bigger and fuller. MUST Try. 

2. Olay Regenerist Daily Serum - $16

I love this product. I don't think it has "regenerated" anything, but I use it under my eyes to help keep my eye area moisturized, help concealer glide on more easily, and to prevent the "caked on" look.  If you have dry skin or an issue with concealers getting gunky, this product is worth trying.  It lasts forever because you only use a tiny amount. 

3. Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo in Orgasm and Laguna -$24

Nars is king when it comes to blush. Orgasm is a perfect peachy-pink shade that can be layered to build intensity of color. Laguna is the perfect bronzer for contouring and giving a natural warmth.  I have been using this combo for over five years and I haven't found something that can beat it yet. 

4. Stila Perfecting Concealer - $23

I couldn't live without this product! It covers my dark spots, dark circles, and redness. It is a creamy, easy on concealer that stays put. It comes in several shades. I use C, D, or a combo of both depending on the time of year. One tube will last me 6 months, at least.  

 5. Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner - $19

Love this eyeliner for many reasons. It doesn't irritate my sensitive, contact wearing eyes.  It has a built in sharpener so you never have to use a dull tip again! {insert perv joke} It is long lasting, but easy to remove. You'll never have this bleeding down your eye giving you the zombie effect.  What's not to love about that?!!! Zombies are really freaky. Don't be that girl.   I wear the color Java. 



It's almost Friday, Fox Den Readers! Wooo whooo! I've got a date tonight with Mr.Fox. Time to go put on some of this make-up and get outta these sweats! 

Xo, e

Tracy Watts Hats

Fox Den Spotlights

The Fourth of July has me feeling patriotic.  With that in mind, Fox Den Spotlights a company who's products are produced here in the USA. As far as I'm concerned, Tracy Watts hats are the be all end all. Her hats are handmade in Brooklyn and are super high quality. "All of our hats are designed, steam-molded over vintage blocks and handmade in our studio. -tw" The quality is evident when, after my use and abuse, they maintain their shape. These hats definitely go in the category of "you get what you pay for." Many hats stretch out after a few wearings and respond poorly to moisture. Hello...I live in the South and walk around in a natural sauna daily. I can't have my dirty/bad hair day disguise whimping out at the slightest humidity. My hair has already done that.  Their ability to maintain their shape makes them perfect for travel.  They can even be ironed! There is a great video on the website showing how to iron them.  

 TW hats are the perfect combination of durability and high style.

This wide brim fedora has me giddy! The gold band is incredibly chic. Easily my favorite accessory of the summer. Not to mention, the slightly broader brim is totally functional in shielding your face from the sun's harmful rays. I love when style meets function!  


I immediately thought of the Gucci gold band belt seen here:


Gah, I love that belt! 

This hat is the perfect addition to my collection. I love that it is a little more glam and has a little more of a dressed up look.  The TW  Dunaway Calssic Fedora is my outfit inspiration for the today's post. 

You can never go wrong with crisp white and gold. 


I paired a Cremieux knit poncho (on sale at Dillards for $27!) with my one of my favorite pairs of jeans by AG, tan shoes with a gold painted wedge, and a vintage tassel necklace from the 70's.  I love this fresh look that is so basic, but is far from ordinary!! 

I love the flutter sleeve of this top. It's a great length, too. I'm wearing an XS.  These jeans are like my second skin. They are a thin, but substantial denim with a little stretch.  Great denim weight for summer.  I have a hard time finding legging style jeans that are roomy enough for my muscular legs. It seems that most jeans that fit me in the thigh are doing the awkward butt gap in the back.  If you've never experienced this, consider yourself lucky! Those who have, know exactly what I'm talking about :) These jeans fit me perfectly. I would recommend these to anyone. 

Wedges are Jimmy Choo and are no longer available. 

Wedges are Jimmy Choo and are no longer available. 


As I mentioned before, the tassel necklace is from the 70's and I purchased it at the Junior League holiday market this past Christmas. I can't remember the dealer's name, but I'll try to find out. She had great stuff.  

Some detail shots of the tassel necklace and my bracelet stack. I love mixing vintage pieces with new style designs.


On my wrist from left to right: Kenneth Jay Lane bangle purchased from // gold filled bangle from my grandmother // another vintage piece purchased from Whitney Lee at  Cherche  - Whitney has fabulous finds a reasonable prices. If you love vintage, you should check her out. //  purple agate bracelet was a birthday gift and was purchased from another one of my favorite local boutiques, Hue Studio

My second favorite Tracy Watts hat, is this foldable fedora that is perfect for traveling.  It is unisex and I bought my dad one for Father's day.  You'll see me wearing it a lot this summer.  It is a little sportier, but still versatile.  I purchased this hat from my favorite swimsuit shop, Ophelia Swimwear 


On my Tracy Watts wish list are these beauties:



This summer show your patriotism by purchasing products made in USA! Tracy Watts hats are my pick!


Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend! 

TB to last Fourth spent with my friends on Lake Martin. (Clearly, my hat obsession is nothing new) What a difference a year makes for Mr. Hudson! 

This year I spent the Fourth with these special ladies (and their hubs) in Exuma, Bahamas and had the most incredible trip! I can't wait to tell you all about it! Until then, you can see more pics from my trip on my Instagram @ediva84. 

How did you spend your Fourth of July?? 

Xo, e

Drug Store AllStars

Fox Den Favorites

You ever have one of those days where you feel like the second your feet hit the floor you never stop moving for hours. . . and hours. . .?   Well, today was one of those days.  Before I knew it, it was 6pm and I hadn't sat down.  

Mr. Hudson has been sick this week.  I am one of those "laid-back" moms that doesn't get overly anxious about illness.  I have rarely been sick (knocking on giant planks of wood) and, thank the Lord, Huddy is 21 months old and has never taken an antibiotic.  Not one.  Sure, he has had the stomach bug and a mild cold or two, but nothing warranting a sick visit.  Not one ear infection.  Nothing.  I've never even detected a fever until this week.  You would think that him never being sick would make me more laid back, but, instead, I've become convinced I'm missing something.  So, we went to the Dr. today.  This little nugget has Croup. 

That's pretty much the face I've been getting all week. 

To give his immune system a boost, I made him a smoothie this A.M.. Smoothies have helped tremendously in ensuring that he gets enough leafy greens.  I used what you are seeing here, plus a little unsweetened almond milk.  I'll share more of my favorite vitamix recipes in future posts.  Try to contain your excitement. 

While I was waiting at the drug store for H's prescription, I picked up some of my favorite drug store all-stars and thought I'd share them with you. In high school, CVS was my 'get out of the house, no questions asked' one-stop shop. I still love it. Here are some of my go favorites:

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail color is honestly one of the best, fast drying, long lasting, nail polishes I have ever tried. It's a saturated color that makes one coat application a possibility. Shown is 'Fuschia Power 320.'

I am also obsessed with Revlon's 'Colorburst' balm stain and this Revlon lipgloss.

 Lips from left to right: Revlon 'Fuschia Finery' lipgloss // Revlon ColorBurst in 'Lovesick' and 'Smitten'

Those are what you'll see me wearing in most of my posts. The balm stains are long lasting, but not a creepy, hooker look the next A.M. stain.  These are totally worth a quick trip to the drug store this weekend!!

The products below are in my daily routine.  

The CeraVe was recommended to me by my Derm. I love it. It has SPF 30 and has ZERO sunscreen smell. I love the smell of sunscreen, but not everyday. This is perfect for a higher SPF protection, but without smelling like a cabana boy. The Hyaluronic acid is a perfect humectant to keep my dry skin feeling hydrated, but not sticky or clogged. 

The Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail has been a life saver for me. Non-greasy and has seriously improved my dry hands and weak nails.  I have been using this for years and have never found anything that comes close. Plus, the size is perfect for air travel. 

This Clearasil face wash is a MUST HAVE.  I, thankfully, have never struggled with acne prone skin, but this, hands down, is the best make-up remover I have used.  It can get ANYTHING off and is gentle enough for contact users and sensitive skin. I can not say enough positive things about this face wash. I have tried every cleanser under the sun. This is the shiz. 

For quick fixes, the Neutrogena cleansing towelettes are great.  If you are like me, washing your face can be the last thng on your mind at night. I keep these by my bed for a quick wipe down when my lazy bones have taken over. 


After Dr. and drug store visits, I refueled with my favorite. 

Farmer's market tomato and avocado toast with red pepper flakes. Does a body good. 


Mr. Fox and I are off on a weekend getaway tomorrow sans sweet baby.  Will report back next week with our travel recap.  

Xo, e

Foxy Hair Care

Beauty Product Review

My first beauty product review will be for The Wet Brush pro Select Paddle Brush and for the Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000.  Both have been great additions to my hair care routine.

First let me say that I have thick, often dry hair that is wavy to curly in the back and mostly  straight in the front.  Quite the combination!  

The Wet Brush is a MUST have for anyone who has a hard time brushing through their hair because of tangles and/or a tender head. Luckily, I do not have a tender head, but I do struggle with tangles. No more tears or knots with this brush! The one negative I have is that when my hair is dry it is really too thick for The Wet Brush to properly brush through. So, I have reserved it for fresh out of shower brushing and leave the styling up to other tools. 

The Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 is AMAZING. Not only does it come in the most fantastic mint green color, it is HANDS DOWN the best dryer I've ever owned.  Why do I love it so??!  It has a small, compact design that doesn't leave you with arm cramps after using. It has cut my drying time for my thick hair in half from about 15 minutes (Using the T3 Featherweight) to about 6 minutes. That alone is HUGE!  In addition, it minimizes frizz like all dryers have promised me, but I've yet to see one deliver. Harry Josh delivers and I thank him! The frizz fighting is so good that I no longer have to follow my blow dry with using a straightening iron. With a little one at my feet, streamlined beauty routines are essential. This blow dryer cuts my dry time in half  AND eliminates a whole follow up step.  Pure Genius.  Bonus: It claims to be the most energy efficient.  HOORAY!

Gold and Grey Jewelry

Fox Den Favorites

One of my favorite jewelry lines is Gold and Grey Jewelry. This line is crafted with many natural materials including wood and semiprecious stones.  The pieces are perfect for layering.  I love the ocean inspired pieces and can not get enough of the colorful tassel wooden bead bracelets! Check out their website for other beautiful designs. You can also follow them on Instagram @goldandgrey

Pieces seen here are the grey wood tassel bracelet, aquamarine and bone feather necklace, diamond stacking bracelet, and mini shark tooth necklace.